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     Which is the right Printer for you?

Printer is a machine used to print Text or Pictures especially, connected to an electronic device from which it takes a command. There are many printer manufacturers around the world. Some of the most popular brands are:

·  Canon

·  Panasonic

·  Hewlett Packard

·  Xerox

·  Toshiba

·  Dell

·  Samsung


How to make judicious choice?

·  An Inkjet printer based on the cost of Ink Cartridges is a judicious choice to choose a printer rather select a printer with comparatively low price as after some period of time the cost of the ink and paper would cost you more than a printer. 

·  Spend money according to your need, first you have to sort it out that which type of printer you need then spend your money. If your work is official rather than occasional then a laser printer is recommended for you otherwise you might go for Black and white printer.

·  Features are the backbones of a printer. If most of your work is dependent on printer then go for distinctive features. One of the desired features must be “connectivity”. Your printer must be able to connect to various electronic devices apart from PCs. Second most desired feature is the Readability of memory card. Canon printer is the best suitable printer here to provide such facilities. If you encounter any technical issue then you could contact to canon contact number.


factors which must be taken into account.

·  Operating cost: The cost of replacement of ink cartridges might cost you to think about the decision of purchasing the printer. So, if you are going to purchase a printer then proceed with pre-planned estimations regarding the cost

·  Speed: Number of pages printed per minute must be as much as possible. This would add to the productivity.

·  Resolution: Printed Images must be of high resolution. Resolution must not be compromised, it is one of the important features for your work

·  Compatibility: All new printers are USB compatible. This compatibility extends to windows 98/2000/XP/7 and Mac systems 8.1 or higher. The other factor is Post-script font. A printer must be compatible with post-script font as some printers are not equipped with this feature.

 If you have a Toshiba or a Dell printer then you have a great chance to get Customer support from and  if any technical error appears. You could also visit the website if you encounter technical error in other devices of Toshiba and Dell.